By Dominique Andrieux

The firm offers you to participate in training on the negotiation of industrial and commercial contracts
(strategy and methodology)

Thematics of the training

New legal issues to consider when negotiating

– Posture and method of negotiation

– New context out of crisis

These courses will be led by Master Dominique Andrieux, Associate Lawyer and former Group Legal and Compliance Director.

The resumption of activity requires the conclusion and renewal of new industrial and commercial contracts, whether in France or internationally. The next school year will therefore be rich in renegotiations due to seasonality (GMS/GSB) or the relaunch of projects.

The Firm invites you to discuss these topics in interactive workshops focused on a practical understanding of these issues, during which Dominique Andrieux will share his experience as an operational negotiator.

In order to be able to offer you a solution as adapted as possible to your needs, the firm offers several formulas from the second half of September. If you are interested, please fill out and return the newsletter you can download below:

Pre-registration newsletter for training