Dominique Adenot

Specialist in corporate law




Dominique Adenot is a doctor of law. After teaching comparative law at the University of Detroit School of Law (USA), he was until 2004 associate lecturer at the University of Auvergne where he created and directed a third degree specializing in financial engineering law. From 1989 to 2010 he was a Senior Lecturer at the Technical Banking Institute. He is currently a lecturer at the School of Law at Clermont-Auvergne University. As a member of the French Society of Evaluators, he is the co-author of the report “SFEV’s position on the draft evaluation guide” which many propositions have been accepted by the tax administration. He is the author of several articles of doctrine published in specialized journals.


1981 - 1982

University of Detroit School of Law

After completing his doctoral thesis, Dominique Adenot joined the University of Detroit School of Law (Michigan) to teach American students comparative and European law. He then collaborated on the spot with Detroit’s largest law firm, bringing him his knowledge of French business law.

1982 - 1986

Authorized Signatory
National Bank of Paris

After 9 years of law, and in a totally premeditated way, Dominique Adenot joined the banking sector by being hired as a Authorized Signatory at the National Bank of Paris. Two years after joining the Bank, he was appointed to lead a financial analysis and credit-making department.

1986 - 1997

Director of the Financial Engineering Division
Banque Populaire of the Central Massif

In 1986, Dominique Adenot joined the Banque Populaire Group, which has a strong presence in SMEs. In 1988, on the occasion of the creation of the Banque Populaire of the Massif Central, which spreads over 6 departments, Dominique Adenot was in charge of the creation of the Haut de Bilan activities. At the head of the Financial Engineering Division, he developed an intense activity as an investment banker, leading numerous mergers and acquisitions. He manages and manages several equity and bond investment vehicles such as SDR, SCR and FCPR.

1997 - 2011

Associate Director
Law firm Fidal

In 1997, Dominique Adenot became a lawyer by joining FIDAL, France’s leading law firm. He became a partner in 2000 and an associate director in 2007. In 2009, he took over the management of the national network “Prevention and Treatment of Business Difficulties”.

2012 - 2019

Managing partner
Labonne and ACDP

At the end of 2011, Dominique Adenot seized the opportunity to start his own business by taking over the Labonne and Associates firm on the occasion of the retirement of its founder. The firm, founded in 1984, was developing its expertise in two areas: corporate and tax law. In 2016, with the arrival of Dominique Andrieux, economic law and international law complemented these areas of competence. Between 2012 and 2019, the firm L & A grew from 7 to 20 employees and established itself in Corrèze through the acquisition of the firm Acdp.

2020 - Present

Adenot-Andrieux and Associates

In 2020, Dominique Adenot opens a new chapter in his professional career by founding with Dominique Andrieux, a firm entirely dedicated to the very strategic areas of economic, international and corporate law with the ambition of bringing to management a pro-business approach and 35 years of business experience.

Public life

Dominique Adenot sits on the Municipal Council of the City of Clermont-Ferrand, without interruption since 1989, making him the oldest elected official. He has held many responsibilities, including his duties as Assistant for Finance and Planning. He has chaired the Auvergne Equipment Corporation (SEM development), Logidôme (public HLM office) and the Clermont-Vichy-Auvergne Metropolitan Pole. He is currently President of Grand Clermont.

Dominique Andrieux

Managing Director