Competition and distribution law consultancy

The success of a business strategy requires a feasibility study as well as the development of the resulting contracts:

- Legal engineering of distribution systems: advice and choice of the best distribution system: franchise,mandate, etc. ;
- Audit of contracts and distribution conditions under French and European regulations;
- Tariff policies and terms of sale: CGV and CGU;
- Agreement law.

Intellectual Property Advice

It is vital to ask the question of the protection of your intellectual property rights and this from the creation of the company.

We work closely with leading Intellectual Property Councils (IPCs).

But, beyond their intervention, it is important to take an informed look at articulation of your intellectual property rights (this concept encompasses a very broad set of various rights) with the whole of your legal devices and strategies: Engineering your corporate fixtures, financial engineering and valuing your rights, risk/benefit analysis when negotiating your various contracts...

Our firm advises you on these different aspects based on a long experience in the field.

Advice in agri-food and co-operative law

Agricultural and agri-food law are a complex set of sector-specific regulations and practices: Interprofessions, Sectors, territorial issues,etc.

Our experience and networks allow us to find with you the best option to grow your business within the ecosystem to which you belong.

Strategic Cooperations, Consortiums

Your development is based on your ability to forge alliances with reliable partners.

Beyond traditional trade agreements (Economic Law - Intellectual Property), it is sometimes essential to build strategic cooperation agreements whose effects will be felt in the long term: production agreements, co-developmentagreements, research and development consortium, joint venture...

These agreements are often complex and the danger lies in the possible inability to balance the balance of power, especially when negotiating with more seasoned or important partners than you.

Our added value will be to compensate for this imbalance by bringing not only our expertise but also our experience of high-level negotiations.